How We Help

We help you uncover previously unknown insights from high-dimensional data
using novel data science techniques, and put your data to work in intelligent applications.

Align and Integrate

Align your business goals and KPIs with data and algorithms with a clear picture of effort, cost and ROI

Describe and Model

Apply thorough statistical methods and the latest machine learning models to extract insights from your data

Visualize and Operationalize

Blend your insights and algorithms into your workflow profitably with real-time device independent dashboards.

Find and address rejection patterns

Healthcare providers write-off millions of dollars annually in denied claims. The factors driving these denials are complex, ranging from billing issues, payer contracts, staff training and care protocol management.

Traditional dashboards and analytics can only do very little.

We help you uncover groups of claims with machine learning and characterize them with driving factors and denial rates, so you can act early to improve your bottomline and increase patient value.

Manage clinical variation to improve patient value and reduce cost

Which groups of patients have shorter length of stays and faster recovery times? What factors drive this outcome?

Use advanced machine learning techniques and custom-built tools to understand, plan and manage care paths.

Gain a deep understanding of your patient pool, and how their profiles relate to outcomes

Use psychographic and demographic data to segment patients, and understand groups at risk of developing conditions/complications.

Act early to better manage your patient cohorts for improved clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction and reduced cost.

We are data scientists and engineers

Founded at Cornell Tech, New York City - we are on a mission to improve healthcare analytics by bringing the latest in technology to business leaders.

Automated Machine Learning

Extra-charge your data science efforts with automated machine learning by reducing cost and improving time to insight.

Topological Data Analysis

Define and use similarities between patients, paths, claims or any other high-dimensional data by understanding the shape of data.

Custom-Built Applications

Put all your analysis, models and visualizations to action in custom built applications that fit into your workflow.

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No matter where you are in your data science journey, we help you supercharge your efforts with cost-effective, agile end-to-end services.

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